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what is Insight Dining

Insight Dining works with restaurants to boost their bottom line by helping them increase their repeat business and reduce negative feedback. Insight Dining does this in two ways:

  1. We provide restaurants with systematic customer feedback to track customer experience, learn from their experience, and reduce any negative feedback.
  3. We provide restaurants with marketing promotions to attract their customers to return more often.

Insight Dining converts your occasional customers into regulars, while also providing you the opportunity to intervene before one diner's bad experience poisons your bottom line. Quite simply, we create an ongoing feedback system to identify what each customer loves about your restaurant and create personalized marketing promotions to keep them coming back. Through this simple, sophisticated process, Insight Dining helps your restaurants track and analyze your patrons' experiences.

Most importantly, we will let you know immediately if a customer left your restaurant dissatisfied, so you can repair the damage before the customer shares his or her experience online at review sites like Yelp or CitySearch. If a patron leaves a negative feedback, your managers are instantly alerted via email or text message. We provide you the ability to follow up with your customers while their experiences are still fresh in their minds.

Insight Dining provides restaurants live online access to view detailed individualed surveys, monthly summaries, and trending reports. All comments are securely and conveniently located online with statistical graphs and analyses.

We can help you determine which advertisements provide a good return on investment, and which ones don't even pay for themselves. Insight Dining tells you where your patrons come from, and what will keep them coming back.

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